About Us

Our Leadership

Leadership by example with a passion for delivering in the most challenging environments
Brian Samson
  • 4X Head of Recruiting for VC funded tech startups
  • 3x exits, including 1 IPO and 2 acquisitions
  • Co-Founder/CEO for FinTech startup - raised $1.2M and scaled to 80 employees
  • MBA from UCLA Anderson
  • Featured in Wall Street Journal, Huffington Post, and Forbes
Team Leader
Mayra Finkel
  • Built HR and Ops functions at several tech start-ups.
  • 10+ years of experience in Recruiting, HR and Operations with clients like Unilever, Bank of America and Indeed
  • Led successful consulting projects for 7+ years consistently exceeding targets and generating new business
  • Recruited and staffed projects for clients like Santander, SAP, and Mercedes Benz.
Lead Recruiter
Max Gurfinkel
  • Over a decade of sourcing and recruiting experience in leading tech companies across the Americas, such as Bit.ly IBM, SAP, Microsoft, Google, CDW, and Softvision, among others
  • Over 5 years of experience leading successful recruiting programs and high performing remote sourcing teams.
  • Advanced Bilingual fluency (Spanish-English)
  • Recently led the hiring of 21 Software Engineers and Engineering Managers for a VC funded tech start-up in NYC.
  • Oversees training, internal recruitment, and delivery
Ivana Samartin
  • Led executive recruitment needs for fast growing startup in the IT/ SW space: Hired 6 VPs in one year
  • 8 years in recruitment industry, including lead roles for project and RPO engagements with various customers and geographies.
  • Led the recruitment efforts for Mondelez US new SSC (315 HR positions filled in 6 months, from entry level to C-suite)
  • Bachelor's degree in Psychology
  • Oversees many projects and ensures client satisfaction
Chairman of the Board
  • Boston Terrier, born March 2017
  • Favorite food: Origen, and occasionally a piece of steak
  • Loves chasing after geckos and motorcycles
  • Never tired, even after 2 hour walks

Why we do this

Motivated to build companies
As Vinod Khosla says “the team you build is the company you build” investors care about things like product/market fit, traction, TAM, etc… but they know deep down, if you can hire the right team fast enough, the rest will take care of itself. We get it, and nothing gets us more excited than to make impact hires.
Personal shoppers
It’s true, recruiting has a low barrier to entry, but it’s not a commodity. The worst recruiters spam resumes, while the best recruiters act as your personal shoppers. Count on us to recruit for your company as if it were our own.

Our Secret Sauce

Great recruiters don’t need to be onsite to be effective. We bring our own extensive suite of tools and think like marketers with our outreach; building your pipeline and bolstering your brand.
  • Arbitrage - A great remote recruiter significantly outperforms a mediocre onsite recruiter and at a much better price point
  • Timezone alignment “full workday overlap, crucial in an era of collaboration"
  • Mature Professionals “we do what we say we’ll do”
  • English fluency “casual, friendly, and unscripted, because candidates want to feel like they matter, not transactions
  • Thought Leadership & Training - our team stays ahead of the latest trends, including advising on the latest in recruiting tech products