If it were easy, you wouldn’t need us. We live for filling your hardest roles and solving your biggest challenges.

Full-Cycle Recruiting

We can cover any or all of the following:
Gathering Requirements
Writing and Publishing Job Postings
ATS Recommendations & Implementation
Email & Phone Outreach
Interview Coordination
Offer Prep & Advice
Offer Negotiation

Research & Sourcing

Hire us to build a pipeline of potential prospects
Deep Web Sourcing
Our experts will work with your Hiring Manager to distil the most essential needs for your roles and they will translate those requirements into targeted and structured candidate search mechanisms and most importantly a significant number of potential candida
No need to rely solely on employee referrals, our outreach is effective in attracting passive candidates.
Engaging Outreach
80% of the candidates our recruiters hired had never heard of our client prior to our message. We use targeted and interesting outreach to engage the right candidates, who may otherwise ignore your company.

How we do it
Advanced boolean search or Google X-ray
Advanced Linkedin and Github search
Niche job boards
Automated email campaigns Tailored messaging approved by you
Targeted sourcing using real-time market knowledge
Use of Chrome extensions and sourcing AI tools to uncover candidate’s contact details

Recruiting Strategy

Work directly with Bali's founder, Brian Samson, a 4X Head of Recruitment, including multiple successful exits and turn recruiting into a core competency
Sample focus areas
Positioning & Branding
End result - your company will have a clear value proposition to target candidates and stand out from the noise
Compensation & Offers
End result - close more offers and understand how to navigate levers & tradeoffs within the market
Hiring Process
End result - a clear process, organized vetting, and great candidate experience
Bias Training
End result - mitigate your risk and improve diversity at your company

Recruiting doesn't have to be difficult